Jack LaLanne on Sugarholics

This morning I ran across this little gem of a video.  It is a reminder that dietary wisdom has deep roots, and that what I post here is not new.

As a recovering sugarholic I can testify to the message Mr. LaLanne delivers.  My mother was a sugarholic, as was my father.  Coca Cola, doughnuts, cakes and cookies were regular fare.  Had we taken the advice of Jack LaLanne when he first delivered it there would not be so much obesity and diabetes in my family now.   I am pre-diabetic as a result of a lifetime of poor habits.

To break my dependence on sugar I ate servings of protein, with accompanying fats, with every meal.  When cravings grew strong I snacked on proteins with their fat, along with a little fresh fruit to sweeten.  Although I was unaware of it, I followed Jack's advice.  It worked.

A few weeks ago someone who understood the significance of my fight with sugar and starch awarded me her 6 year Alcoholics Anonymous recovery coin.  Her coin is a touching reminder of how sugar dependent I was only 6 years ago.   I will celebrate my 7th year of freedom from sugar cravings this December. 

Jack's words are as true today as they were when he spoke them.  If you or someone you love is a sugarholic, please watch this short video and share it with others.

Thank you.

Jack Lalanne - Sugarholics-YouTube http://bit.ly/16EmXhv