Mood, Anxiety and Diet: Change One Meal, See How You Feel

Mood swings can trigger anxiety and depressive episodes during the day.  If you experience daily mood swings, addressing your diet can help.  If your gallbladder is in good shape (a healthy gallbladder helps you digest animal fats) and your general health is good, try this experiment: Eat a hearty breakfast rich in natural fats (well-sourced saturated fats, such as butter; ghee; heavy whipping cream; uncured bacon) accompanied by about 30 g of complete proteins (in the US, typically meats, fish, shellfish, eggs and/or poultry-- 30g is the equivalent of ~4 oz of meat protein; whey protein may work as well), sans starches and/or sugars (non-starchy vegetables that grow above ground, topped with butter or ghee if cooked, are great; just no toast, orange juice, cereal or etc.).  Pay attention to your mood and hunger in the hours that follow.  How is your mood?  How many hours pass before you are hungry again?  

More on YouTube: Ann M. Childers, MD: Mood Swings and Diet